To the person who

Messaged me my real name - do it off anonymous next time, don’t be gutless. If you’e going to be a smart arse like “ooh I know you’re real name” at least come off anon.


Anonymous said: Can I have the link to your new Tumblr?


Message me off anon lol

Please read if you requested my new Tumblr.

Some of you have messaged me for my new Tumblr & I can’t reply to you because you’ve sent it as a note & Tumblr is lame & won’t let me reply like that. And…some of you don’t have an ‘ask’ option on your profile, so I can’t individually message you my new link.

Please message me again via this link -  :) 


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ms-kawesome said: Are you fucking kidding me, someone points out something racist you've said and your response is for them to get a sense of humour? Jfc what the hell is wrong with you fucking hell *unfollows immediately and forever*

ps: I’m not racist. 

abu5alaf91 said: I would love to get to know you

I hear that more often than not.

Favourite Dana Fairbanks moments (in no particular order) #9 | 1x09 (Luck, Next Time) | “I’m THAT gay.”

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